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Packaging Guidelines for Pallet Deliveries 

For the safe delivery of your pallet, it is vital that you read through the following packaging advice. During transit, your delivery could be exposed to severe weather and transport vibration. If you package your pallet correctly, your goods should not be affected during transit. 

  • Always use pallets which are in good condition- they need to be strong enough to support your goods.
  • Individually pack the items to be palletised. It is always recommended that you wrap your goods well (eg. bubble wrap or cardboard) before you wrap your pallet.
  • Put larger, heavier items at the bottom to ensure that the pallet is sturdy. 
  • It is good practice to place a board or sacrificial panel on the bottom of the pallet, especially if you are sending thin sheets or the slats on the pallet are wide apart, in order to prevent distortion of the pallet load. 
  • When possible, place wooden sheets on top of your pallet to protect it from the weight of other loads which may be stacked on top of it. 
  • If you're sending heavy goods, it is recommended that you strap these items to the pallet in order to prevent movement. 
  • If your boxes have old labels on them, please remove them or put a score through them. This is in the event that your boxes become dislodged from your pallet.
  • Goods should be banded and wrapped to the pallet. Please ensure that your shrink wrap goes around the pallet base as well as the goods, in order to secure your items to the pallet.
  • Make sure you wrap your pallet numerous times in different directions. 
  • Don't overload your pallet, as this may cause the load to collapse or tip. 
  • Do not make your pallet top heavy- this may cause the pallet to become unstable and cause it to tip over.
  • Do not allow your goods to hang over the pallet.