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Partner FAQs

Selling My Sheet 

My material or product has a defect- can I still use the site to offer it for sale?

Yes. A problem for one buyer may be irrelevant to another. All Partners must be honest when they enter product details and this includes any known product defects. You must accurately describe any problems with the product to allow buyers to make an informed choice. You can upload photos of the product to help the buyer understand the product. Please note that if a Partner is found to have mislead buyers (for example by inaccurately describing a product) they will be suspended from the site.

Can my products have quantity and price breaks?

Yes, you can list the same product several times using different MOQ's (Minimum Order Quantities) for different prices. For example you might set a higher 'retail' unit price for an MOQ of 5, where as an MOQ of 50 might reflect a lower 'wholesale' price. An MOQ of 500 might be used to set a one-off low 'sale' price. The choice is entirely yours.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, you can buy or sell as little or as much as you like!

If I advertise sheet, do I have to send the stock to Plastic-Sheets?

No, the stock remains in your warehouse and is your property until sold.

Can I change my mind about advertising sheet on the site?

Yes. If you no longer want to advertise a product on the site, or it becomes out of stock with you, simply log in and remove it from the site as soon as possible. There are no penalty charges.

Do I have to provide a colour sample of my sheet?

No, but we would strongly recommend that you do if one is requested, as this will help to win a sale for you. A piece 5 cm sq will be sufficient.

Do I need to provide a colour reference?

No, but doing so will help prospective buyers to select you material. Where possible these should be internationally recognised references such as BS, RAL, Panatone etc.

How do I progress my order and view previous orders?

You can view your account status via our website, this includes the facility to view current and historic orders, as well as maintaining your products and business details. You can also contact us via e-mail, fax or phone.

Can I buy and sell sheet through Plastic-Sheets?

Yes, Partners can of course be customers too. People looking for a particular sheet often have stock that they wish to sell and vice-versa.


Packaging & Delivery 

How do I know which method to use to dispatch my goods?

The method chosen by the buyer is shown on your 'Advice of Sale'. Partners can view the carriage charge details when they log into the Partner Zone. If a buyer requests a quantity over 500kg, or a delivery outside the UK, we will contact you. 

How do I package and label my order?

Follow our packaging guidelines ensuring you clearly mark the package "Plastic-Sheets" (using our free packing tape which you will receive when you register). Download our delivery note/ packing slip, pack this with the consignment and dispatch the goods. Please do not apply your labels or delivery note to the package, you should e-mail or fax this direct to us.

Do I need to raise a delivery note and invoice?

You do not, the documents provided by us cover these. When a product is ordered through Plastic-Sheets, you will receive an Advice of Sale showing you what to pack and how much you will receive for the order. Keep this for your records.

You download the Delivery Note from the website. This is for you to pack with the goods and for the recipient to the check the goods against, upon receipt. Once the order has been successfully delivered and accepted, you will receive a remittance advice and payment directly into your bank, The payment will reflect the corresponding Advice of Sale.

Who pays for the carrier service?

We charge the buyer for delivery of the consignment and pass 100% of this on to you. You can see the value of this on the 'Advice of Sale' that you receive for every transaction.

How quickly do I need to package and dispatch my order?

We expect you to dispatch within 3 working days of receiving our 'Advice of Sale'

Can my order be dispatched from a different address to my payment address?

Yes, this is a matter entirely for you.

The sheet has been damaged in transit – what do I do?

The buyer will contact Plastic-Sheets, with the order number and we will contact you straight away.    

Why do you need my Company Registration Number?

We ask for your company number in order to verify Partners identity and to confirm they are bona fide companies. 


My Details 

Why do you need my BACS details and will they be secure?

We need your account number, sort code, bank name and branch in order to transfer you your money. Your payment details will never be divulged to any third parties. They will be used solely for transactions between you and Plastic-Sheets.

I’ve forgotten my login / password details.

You can request confirmation of these via our website. In case of difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Will my details be passed to a third party?

No, your confidential details are precisely that. They will be used solely for transactions between you and Plastic-Sheets.


The Small Print 

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

We do, to view our policy click here.

Do you have a Returns & Refunds Policy?

We do, to view our policy click here.

Can I see your Terms & Conditions?

You can. To view our Partner Ts & Cs click here.

What can I do if my question is not answered here?

Contact us via email or on the phone.

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