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Need Some Help?

Use the guide below to help you upload your product onto our website...


1. Product Code

This is the code you will use to identify the product; your own stock code. Please do not use any punctuation marks in this code, as this can cause problems when uploading your product. 

    eg. XYZ123

2. Short Name 

This is your product name, or, for a sheet, the principle sheet characteristics. Maximum 20 characters. 

    eg. 'Std Grade 21' or 'UV Resistant' or '4 inch Hinge'

Product Details 

3. Select Material

If you are uploading a plastic sheet, choose the appropriate material. If the material of your sheet is not listed, choose 'Other Sheet Material'. If you are selling a product other than plastic sheet, leave the selection at the default of '-Other Product-'

4. Select Colour 

Choose the colour group from the drop down box that best reflects your product. This will help the buyer to search for materials of a specific colour. 

5. Colour Ref

If you have a recognised standard (RAL, BS, NCS etc) please enter it here.

    eg. 'RAL 7011'

6. Texture Group

Choose the texture/ finish group from the drop down box that best reflects your product. This will help buyers to search for materials by texture. 

7. L (Length)

Enter the length of your product in millimetres.

    eg. '2000' for 2 metres 

8. W (Width)

Enter the width of your product in millimetres. 

    eg. '1500' for 1.5 metres 

9. D (Depth/Thickness)

Enter the depth or thickness of your product in millimetres. 

    eg '3.5' for 3.5 millimetres 

10. SG (Specific Gravity)

If uploading sheet, enter the specific gravity here, if you know it. This enables the 'Calculate Sheet Weight' function, which will then calculate the unit sheet weight using the dimensions and the SG. 

    eg. '1.20' 

11. Unit Sheet Weight

Enter the unit weight here in grams (for sheet you can use the 'Calculate Sheet Weight' function, if you have entered the SG above). 

    eg. '1350' for 1.35kgs 

12. Calculate Sheet Weight

If do not know the exact weight of your sheet you can use this function to calculate it, providing you have entered the length, width, and thickness/depth of your sheet, along with the Specific Gravity (SG). 

13. Pack Quantity

If you would like to sell your products in 'packs' of more than one, enter the quantity of units per pack that you want to sell. Bear in mind that 25kgs is the maximum weight recommended for manual handling. If you are happy to sell the products in singles then enter 1. 

    eg. '1' if you are selling the items singularly, or '4' if you are selling items in packs of 4. 

14. Pack Weight 

Use the 'Calculate Pack Weight' button and the site can automatically multiply the unit weight by the pack quantity you have entered. 


15. Pack Price including Commission 

The price you enter here will be the price advertised to the customer and the price they will pay. Please remember to include our 17% commission in this figure. 

    eg. '16.45' for £16.45 

16. VAT Rate 

This will default to 20% (current UK VAT rate). If your product is zero rated, you can change the rate here from the drop down box. 

Stock Availability 

17. Packs in Stock

Enter the quantity of packs that you would like to make available. 

    eg. enter '40' if you have 40 packs to sell. 

18. Stock Status

This defaults to 'In Stock', but you can manage this if the stock status changes.

Summary Information 

19. Product Summary

Use this to display more information about your product to buyers. If you are selling plastic sheets then please include the manufacturer and grade of the sheet if relevant. Maximum 30 characters. 

    eg. 'Royalite R21'  'General Purpose sheet' or 'Silver 4 inch hinge'

20. Special Features 

This is a large field for you to input any further information about your product to buyers. This will show when buyers expand the information about your product by pressing 'view'. 

    eg. This sheet has good impact resistance, good stiffness, and is suitable for thermoforming. 

Product Image(s)

21. Product Image 

This option is for you to upload an image of your product. Product images should be a maximum of 700 x 400px and will be displayed at 295x169px and 210 x 120px for detail and listing pages respectively. 


Still stuck? Contact Us (opens in new window) and we will be happy to help.