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Why Sell Stock Online with Plastic Sheets?

  • Improve your cash flow

Don’t have stock sitting around gathering dust, upload it for sale on the Plastic Sheets website for our varied customer base to view and purchase. Fast moving stock can move faster, slow moving stocks can fly. You’ll have money coming in rather than sitting in the stock room.

  • More profitable than granulation

Even if you sell your sheet on our website at cost, you will receive around 5 times the money you would from granulation. Anything you charge in excess of cost is profit in your pocket.

  • Environmentally friendly

By selling your excess stock with Plastic Sheets, you are reducing the amount of plastic waste being granulated or sent to landfill. Material is being ‘upcycled’ rather than ‘recycled’, which uses less energy and much less of our planet’s precious resources.

  • Free to list your stock

It’s free to list your stock on the website; we only take our commission after the sheet has been paid for, and of course you can include this in the price you charge. Even off-cuts can be sold on the site- the variety of enquiries we receive prove that our customers will find weird and wonderful uses for anything and everything! You’ve got nothing to lose!