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Chrome ABS 

The most popular chrome plastic sheet we sell is Black ABS laminated with Chrome. This is produced by Positron Corporation in Indiana in the United States. It consists of an ABS plastic sheet being laminated with a Chrome Effect Bright Film. The Bright Film is manufactured by Soliant LLC, also of the United States. 

We order in constant stock of Chrome on Black ABS, and this can be purchased through our website. 

The sizes we regularly have in stock in the UK are:

1500 x 1000 x 2mm 

1500 x 914 x 3mm

1700 x 1000 x 2mm

1700 x 998 x 3mm 

Go to our sheet selector to shop for Chrome on Black ABS. 

Other Sizes & Materials 

Positron supply both 'stock' and 'custom' sheet materials or roll stock. 

The substrate sizes that Positron consider 'Stock' sizes, and have no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) are as follows:

Black ABS – 305 x 305mm, 610 x 610mm, 915 x 915mm and 1220 x 1220 mm (12", 24", 36" & 48" square) 

These come in gauges of 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm & 4.5mm (0.06", 0.08", 0.09", 0.12", 0.177")

Grey ABS – 1524 x 610 x3.0mm and 1727 x 610 x3.0mm (60"x24"x0.12" and 68"x24"x0.12")

Custom Sizes

Positron are able to laminate substrates from 0.02mm up to 12.7mm in thickness (0.008" to 0.500"), up to 1829mm (72") in width. 

Minimum Order Quantities are as follows: 

ABS – Black, white & grey minimum 500kg
ABS – Custom colours minimum 1,000kg 
TPO – (PP, HDPE etc) Always custom extrusions, minimum 1,000kg

Benefits of Chrome ABS 

Use of our Bright Film ABS sheet allows manufacturers to produce Chrome ABS parts without the need for post forming chrome plating. Bright Film ABS sheet is significantly better for the environment and health & safety too, as there is no exposure to the chemicals associated with chrome plating ABS.

Fluorex® Bright Film provides a chrome finish to plastic parts (in the same way Fluorex® paintfilms provide colours and patterns). The product is used on ABS substrates (can also be TPOs) to create an extraordinary finish. Various OEM’s have approved the product for many uses for the automotive and electronic markets. In addition to the Bright Film ABS sheet that we stock for Chrome ABS parts, there are alternative finishes available including; black chrome, matt chrome and brushed chrome.

The Bright Film ABS is a capped product. The Fluorex® Bright Film laminated to the ABS that creates the finish is itself a relatively thin, though highly robust, foil. This construction does need to be born in mind when considering applications, particularly concerning draw depth and contour details (processing guide available). The beauty of the Bright Film ABS sheet is not only the excellent Chrome ABS finish, but also there is no need for secondary or sub-contract operations to create the finish. This reduces lead times, waste and therefore, cost.

Our Bright Film ABS sheet has outstanding properties. Chrome ABS parts produced from this have excellent durability– they are weather, chemical and chip resistant. In addition, they are considerably better for the environment and outstandingly cost effective. Click here for the Product Bulletin and here for the Processing Guide.

Chrome Effect Plastic Grille

The Mack CH Commercial Vehicle utilises Chrome ABS to create the front grille.