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Chrome Effect Plastic Sheets

Chrome effect plastic is extremely popular in the automotive industries for making parts, such as, bumpers and grilles, and also in the sign making industry due to its reflective and modern appearance. 

At Plastic Sheets we have exclusive supply rights for Positron Corporation (U.S.) custom laminated sheet products. Positron has developed an outstanding plastic sheet lamination program which provides a quality of material unmatched by other plastic lamination companies. They can laminate flat plastic sheets of ABS, HDPE, Acrylic, TPO and any other suitable material with chrome, paint films, or foils, which can then be thermoformed.  

Chrome Bright Film 

The chrome plastic sheets we supply comprise of a durable bright film laminated to a plastic substrate. The Fluorex® Bright Film is manufactured by Soliant LLC of the US and laminated by the Positron Corporation.  Fluorex® Bright Film has a chrome-like appearance and can also be thermoformed. It is an exterior grade film laminate "Fluorex® ISF2010" which is a fluoropolymer clearcoat on a 0.425mm thick ABS carrier. The colour coat (silver chrome) is 37 to 50 microns. 

Although the most popular sheet we supply is Chrome ABS, the Bright Film can also be laminated to HDPE, Acrylic, and TPO. When laminated to clear material applications such as signage and display can produce interesting and dramatic results. In a similar way products can also be over-laminated with tinted films to create exciting metallics. These metallic laminates can be seen under 'Decorative Laminates'. Sign makers in particular may be interested in Chrome on a clear or translucent acrylic sheet, which can be backlit for a beautiful effect at night. 

To discover more about the Bright Film, its properties and performance visit the Soliant website. To learn more about Positron, thick sheet lamination, and their speciality decorative lamination of chrome, foils and paintfilms please visit the Positron website.

Stock Substrates

The substrate sizes that Positron consider 'Stock' sizes, are as follows:

Black ABS – 305 x 305mm, 610 x 610mm, 915 x 915mm and 1220 x 1220 mm (12", 24", 36" & 48" square) In gauges; 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm & 4.5mm (0.06", 0.08", 0.09", 0.12", 0.177")

Grey ABS – 1524 x 610 x 3mm and 1727 x 610 x 3mm (60" x 24" x 0.12" and 68" x 24" x 0.12")

Many custom sizes are also usually available that are not considered stock, including white. Please do not hesitate to check alternative availability with us.

Lead Times

Products available ex-stock in the UK ; 3-5 days

Standard films laminated to stock substrates ; 5-10 days (ex-works USA)
Standard films laminated to custom substrates ; 3-5 weeks (ex-works USA)
Special films (subject to laminating minimum) ; 4-6 weeks (ex-works USA)

  • Air Freight from USA (for urgent small quantities) ; Approx 5 working days
  • Shipping (by sea) from USA: Approx 2-5 weeks