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Plastic Sheet Textures 

To help you visualise the product texture to expect from your plastic sheet, an image will pop up when you hover over the description button in the search results.

These images are not colour specific, but show you what the description of the surface texture means. Bear in mind that different manufacturers offer similar textures, sometimes with the same description (eg. Pinseal) and this can lead to slight variations between products. It should be said that textured finishes in plastics are more resistant to surface scuffs and scratches than flat surfaces are. 

Gloss Texture Plastic Sheet

Gloss- A highly polished, shiny surface. The term 'gloss' on the site refers to a smooth, flat surface to give maximum reflection. However it can also apply to textured gloss surfaces too. 


Smooth or Matt Texture Plastic Sheet

Smooth or Matt- The opposite of a gloss surface. Again on the site this means a smooth, flat, dull, non-reflective finish, but this too can apply to textures. 


Pinseal Texture Plastic Sheet

Pinseal- This is a reasonably smooth finish with small, often regular surface indentations. 


Sandstone Finish Plastic Sheet

Sandstone- As the name suggests, this refers to a group of textures that are similar to a fine, sandstone-like finish. Check the details of a particular product, you might find a specific image there. 


Leathergrain Finish Plastic Sheet

Leathergrains- This covers a range of finishes that reproduce those of leathers. As with real leather they can vary from fairly smooth to quite rough, though most lie somewhere inbetween.  As with the sandstone, check the product detail for a specific image. 


Geometric Texture Plastic Sheet

- This family of textures covers anything that has a regular pattern and does not fit into one of the above catagories. Once again please see the product detail for more information.