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Buy Decorative Laminates (MOQ's applicable)

We are the sole UK & European supplier of Positron Corporation’s (US) decorative laminates.  

Positron have developed a very high quality lamination program. They laminate flat plastic sheet and roll stock with foils, paint films or chrome at a quality unmatched by any other plastic lamination company we have found. 

The Range

The range of laminates available is extensive. There are over 100 laminates in the sample book, but possibilities are endless if you were to buy a whole roll. The staff in the US are incredibly helpful and will try their hardest to create any effect you desire. The range includes:


Laminated Plastic Sheets. Patterned Plastic Sheets

These laminates (apart from Chrome on ABS which we stock here in the UK) are made to order to your exact requirements. You choose the substrate, the sheet size, the laminate and the finish, and we will coordinate with the US to provide you with the perfect plastic sheets. See 'Availability' for more information. 

The Film 

The films Positron use are manufactured by AzkoNobel under their ‘Soliant’ brand. These films are of the highest quality, and maintain this quality when thermoformed. 

If you are interested in how to store, handle or thermoform Decorative laminates, please see 'Technical Information'.