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Becoming a Partner

Background to the Plastic-Sheets website.

The founding concept of Plastic-Sheets was to build a website providing an on-line market place for the sale of sheet thermoplastics - hence the name!  It is a fact that most businesses accumulate stock that is slow moving or even stationary, which means that money is tied up and is not earning it's keep. If this rings a bell, then Plastic-Sheets is for you.

Having been established for a number of years dedicated to the sale of Plastic-Sheets, the website has now been redeveloped to make it easier to use, and has been widened to include a facility of the sale of other products too. This exciting move increases it's appeal to both Partners and to customers alike.

Plastic Sheets Ltd is also proud to be the UK agent for the Positron Corporation of the US. Of particular focus is the Bright Chrome ABS sheet, which provides a fantastic alternative to chrome plating.

How to register

Registration is easy and it is free. There are no fees to pay nor any charges once you become a Partner. The agreed commission is simply deducted from any sales that are made.

If you think that Plastic-Sheets can help you to realise the value of your stock, then registration is for you. To become a partner please complete our registration form

We will then check your application and let you know when it is approved so that you can start uploading products to sell on the site. Of course if we have any queries with your application, we'll get in touch to iron them out straight away.

The small print.

If you want to look at our full Partner Terms and Conditions, please follow this link, where you will find a comprehensive description of all aspects of the relationship between Plastic Sheets Ltd and our Partners. If you're not keen on "legalese" then try our FAQs for a quick guide.

Want to know more?

Contact us via email or by phone.