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ABS sheet, is one of the most common thermoplastic sheets, particularly amongst the thick gauge plastic sheets for thermoforming. ABS sheet was developed from High Impact Polystyrenes (HIPS sheet), enhancing the chemical resistance and impact strength by the polymerising of butadiene rubber with acrylonitrile and styrene (A-B-S). There are many specialist grades of ABS sheets available all exhibiting modified characteristics – UV stability, weathering, fire retardancy, impact resistance, food grades to name but a few. In addition to the characteristics of ABS sheets, other features make the material a good choice of sheet for thermoforming. There are wide choices of textures, colours and gloss levels, some available from Plastic Sheet Stockists and some from us at Plastic-sheets. Multi-layered co-extruded sheet can be produced, these can be combinations of ABS sheet, or can be in the form of cappings, most commonly acrylic capping (PMMA/ABS sheet).

Within the range of ABS we offer is our Bright Film ABS sheet. This material has a laminated chrome ABS top layer, producing an excellent alternative to Chrome Plated ABS. However for circumstances where plating is the best option, we also stock a special ABS sheet for chrome plating. ABS plating sheet is designed to produce excellent results when it is chrome plated both in terms of adhesion and quality of finish.

As with some other thermoplastic sheets, ABS sheet is hygroscopic. As such, unless you are entirely confident of the moisture content, it is advisable to pre-dry the material. If moisture is present when formed, the ABS sheet will exhibit moisture blisters in the finished part. A guide for drying would be 8 hours for 5mm thick ABS sheet at 80 degrees C.

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ABS Red 505

ABS Red RAL 3028 UV Stable Virgin Pinseal - 3000 x 1500 x 4.8mm

£81.50 1/pk

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ABS Red Metallic Acrylic Capped 256

Acrylic capped ABS with a red metallic finish with a protective P...

£46.50 5/pk

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ABS Silver Fire Retardant 303

B301IRSM semi matt fire retardant ABS. It is a grey base material...

£106.80 4/pk

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ABS Silver UV stabilised 312

Athlone ABS acrylic capped UV stabilised material

£59.20 8/pk

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ABS White Acrylic Capped 378

Acrylic capped semi matt ABS from Athlone Extrusions

£64.20 12/pk

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ABS White Acrylic Capped 388

Outdoor grade acrylic capped ABS

£88.34 2/pk

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ABS White Acrylic Capped UV Stabilised 484

Acrylic Capped virgin ABS from Universal Polythex

£70.02 6/pk

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ABS White DP 002

Athlone ABS with semi-matt acrylic capping and protective clear P...

£66.60 10/pk

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ABS White R28 Std Balmoral 539

R28 is a specialist EC 95/28 compliant material from VTS. This sh...

£72.63 3/pk

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ABS White UV Stabilised 285

Athlone UV stabilised material

£64.68 3/pk

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Bright Chrome on Black ABS  009

This material is an excellent alternative to chrome plating, wher...

£117.13 1/pk

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Bright Chrome on black ABS 002

Bright Chrome foil on high quality black ABS substrate.

£84.13 1/pk

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