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The History of Plastic Sheets 


Plastic Sheets is a website set up by David, the MD of a vacuum forming company, who was frustrated at having large material stocks tying up substantial amounts of capital. Like many companies in the industry, for David to suit clients individual needs sheet has to be extruded for each job, usually with a MOQ of 1 tonne. This material may not be fully used, and sits in the factory taking up space and tying up cash until it is inevitably sold back for granulation at a fraction of the cost paid for it.

David had occasionally sold plastic sheet to other companies enquiring about plastics- both to other vacuum forming companies but predominantly to other industries (signage, interior design, automotives). He preferred selling sheets on an ad-hoc basis to these companies rather than granulating them because he was regaining at least the cost of the material sold. And thus, was born. The website connects those who have plastic to sell with those who have a need for it.