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Second Hand Granulator. The model is Rapid GK205K. It has 3 Rotating and 1 fixed blade. The infeed aperture is 225 x 165mm. The power supply is 3-phase 230/400V, fitted with 16A plug & starter/overload relay. The output is 5mm dia. mesh, material bin holds approx. 7kgs (ABS). It's in good working order, the blades are in good condition. Bought it in 2004 from Rawmec (industrial machinery dealers) but it came without any documentation except the small data plate fixed to the machine. It says '1977' on it, which we assume is the year of manufacture.

  • Colour Group: White
  • Pack Size: 1
  • Pack Weight (g): 150,000
  • Special Features: Obviously with a machine of such vintage, the amount of use and care it has had is of greater relevance than its age, and I can say without hesitation that it is in mechanically sound condition + has worked perfectly over the 10years we have owned it
  • Stock Level: 1 in stock

£850.00 (excludes VAT)

Rapid Granulator GK205K

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Rapid Granulator GK205K  
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